How to use a Inflatable bouncy castle

Whether you're hiring one for a children's birthday party or buying one for your backyard, a bouncy castle is sure to provide hours of fun for kids (and adults too!). Y&G Inflatable Co.,Ltd, your best choice for inflatable bouncy castle.

However, it is very important to know how to use an Inflatable bouncy castle.
Find the smoothest, most level place in your yard if you are inflating your own bouncy castle. Clear the area of any stones, sticks or other items. Unroll and unfold the bouncy castle, spread out each side as much as you can. Connect the blower to the long tube at the back. Fully unroll the extension cable to prevent it from overheating and plug the blower cable into an extension socket. Switch on the blower and allow bouncy castle to inflate. The blower should continue to run while the bouncy castle is being used. When used outdoors, the bouncy castle has to be be anchored down with the the anchor points around the base. Stake it down by inserting the anchor stakes through the anchor ropes placed through the anchor point loops in the bouncy castle's sides. If it is used on a hard surface or indoors, safety mats must be placed in front of the bouncy castle.

Take off your shoes - playing on a bouncy castle with your shoes on can be a hazard for others playing in the bounce house.
Climb on the bouncy castle and jump up and down - because bouncy castles are made of inflated PVC, you'll gain more and more elevation (to a point, of course!)

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