Bounce House and Swing Set ideas for the Holidays

With Holidays quickly approaching, outdoor play structures such as wooden swing sets and inflatable bouncers make great gifts. Tired of your children watching TV and playing video games, get them out side and let them explore. Not only will kids exercise more, they are great for kids imagination. Put a play set up and watch the make believe begin. Now that you have decided on an outdoor play structure, step one is deciding between a traditional wooden play set or choosing an inflatable bounce house.

First the swing set. Wooden play sets become permanent structures for as long as you decide to keep the set built. Life expectancy for wooden play set 7-10 years with yearly maintenance such as pressure. Backyard wooden play sets come in all shapes. Some of the more popular swing sets have multiple forts and decks, climbing walls, and monkey bars. Not to mention there are a ton of accessories ranging from belt swings to steering wheels to gliders, to rope ladders. The most important thing when choosing a swing set is knowing who you are buying for and what there interests are. When deciding on the perfect play set make sure to reference the manufacture required safety zones for each individual play set.

Second, the inflatable bounce house is a great alternative to the swingset. Bouncy castles can be easily stored and put away. They are manufactured in both commercial and residential grades. Commercial bouncy houses are made of heavy duty vinyl and can withstand a higher weigh capacity. These are typically what you see at the carnival or church events. Residential bounce houses are intended for children under the age of 12 and weigh less then 100 lbs. Like swing sets, moon bouncers come with many different shapes and sizes. Features range from plain bounce houses to bouncers with slides, balls pits and water mechanisms. Typically, bounce houses have a life expectancy of 3-7 years and require very little maintenance.

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