The Exciting Journey in the Train Inflatable Obstacle Course

owadays, the TV or the theme parks like to hold some competition about obstacle course to attract more audiences. That’s why the inflatable obstacle course is so hit right now. If you are a business man, and you would love to hold a promotion or entertainment for kids, the train inflatable would be a good choice for you. The train inflatable obstacle course is 25 meters length, 3.5 meters wide and 4.2 meters high. It is linked by the double wide Velcro. It is a strong connection between the parts. It is also easy to install and dismantle. You can do it within 15 minutes.

We adopt several bright colors on the tarpaulin. It can enhance the sense of joy to people. The train is long. Looking the appearance, the train contains three parts (a headstock, a carriage and three arches). It is suitable for a big show.

The headstock has a conductor in it. His kindly smile seems to tell you he will take you to an exciting journey.

Let’s walk inside. There is a short tunnel in the headstock, and a cuboid obstacle is standing in the middle of the tunnel. For this part, it is easy for the players. However, there are several trials waiting for them. Then they will meet a ramp, you need to climb over it, so that you can arrived the third part. The third trial is avoiding the inflatable posts and the cross bar. Finally, you have to cross the little arch.

During the competition, the kids are unavoidable to scratch or press on the tarpaulin. Don’t worry, no matter how big strength the children are, the tarpaulin is of high tear strength. It can protect the tarpaulin from destroying.

It used to be placed outdoor. However, you have no worries about the weather. The train inflatable obstacle course can resist the water, strong ultraviolet rays and cold weather. If the weather changes suddenly after you aerate the train inflatable obstacle course, you don’t have to pack it immediately. It can save much trouble.

When playing the games, we used to touch the tarpaulin. The simple tarpaulin may create the static power to the players. However, our product is of anti-static. It won’t hurt the kids’ skin. The material is of good quality. It won’t send forth the pungent or unhealthy odor. So it is no harm and safe for the children.

When it is kept in the storage, there are no strong demands about the condition of t he storage. Our product can resist the breeding of the bacteria and mildew. You just keep it in the simple storage.

In short, it is quite worth having a train inflatable obstacle course for activities.

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