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1, animation, games, popular TV drama theme trampoline

Cultural and creative industries in the 21st century is considered the most development potential of the emerging industries in the cultural and creative industries play a rather important in animation, and each child's childhood will have their favorite cartoon characters. With the animation of the popular, cartoon toys with the expansion of market share. Insiders frankly, the animation industry behind the creation of wealth for every dollar will be tens of thousands of dollars or even thousands of dollars of wealth extension. Extension of the process, and the combination of toys cartoon form is the most important step brand. Today's hot during the yo-yo is the best example. Good animation products have been in the production, animation has become a hot toy of the continuing necessity.

In addition, network games and toys, the close integration makes the toy industry has made great progress, gradually moving towards diversification. In many toy companies are still considering the feasibility of combining animation and toys, the online element added enterprises have more choices of letting space and opportunities for cooperation, more and more players into the hands of online game playing role toys. The rapid development of online games as a cultural and creative industries, derived from the surrounding chain of toy manufacturing, and other secondary market, it is very worthwhile to promote, but also bound to the future prosperity of the toy market.

At the same time, large numbers of film and television drama is the theme of toys, "you Changba me play", movies, popular TV theme toy market is still the domestic toy market will bring vitality and popularity. We forecast that in 2011 the movie "Transformers 3" exhibition themed toys will still be sales driven climax.

2, set off a wave of Lunar New Year naughty fort

2011 New Year toy market is the highlight of the toy market sales, experts predict, stocking toy products sales in 2011 will account for 30%, while the Tigers in 2010 selling toy products also increased as the Year of the Rabbit 2011 Rabbit Toys product market competition, therefore, the rabbit toy series in the status of the New Year series will be self-evident.

Rabbit toys from the market point of view, the following categories are the rabbit toy market basic categories: subdivision from the product category, and can be divided into: simulation-based, optimized and feature three categories; from the material broken down into categories , it can be divided into: plush, plastic type, ceramics, etc.; from product market positioning, it can be divided into: gift-type high class and low class of people. Since the prototype is more lovely rabbit toys, and in the eyes of people or a tame rabbit symbol, which to some extent, closer to the psychological distance with consumers, therefore, rabbit toys, if appearance on the basis of the traditional culture then given human nature, even to a certain extent by the consumers favor.

3, Fort naughty sought after high-tech, intelligent trend is clearly

Children's toy market is always colorful, especially the rapid development in technology today, a variety of high-tech means are also being applied to the toy design, make toys more attractive. Remote control in the toy market in toys, dolls and intelligent robots, electronic pets, all kinds of small and medium sized video game popular in the domestic market, compared to some static toys, with the sound of a dynamic optical feature with toys in the toy market significant consumer advantage, especially in some IC components are installed "smart" toys, not only can chat with players, players follow the instructions, and some players can respond to hug, caress, touch and movement creak so that consumers feeling very novel and interesting.

The impact of electronic technology has been involved in the toy field, into the electronic chip technology has become the market's new favorite toy. In view of today's children from an early age came into contact with the computer, in order to meet their psychological needs, toys must also be challenging and innovative, traditional toys and the combination of electronic technology is the inevitable trend of development of the toy industry, but also the inevitable trend of popular toys .
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