Bounce as Little Fire Fighters

Fire fighters are heroes in the reality. They are fast, strong, brave and warmhearted. They have saved many people’s lives in the fire. When a fire happens, the fire fighters climb the ladder up and down fast to search the tools or find the people who are stuck in the house. It looks like they are bouncing. Kids adore them very much. Most of the kid’s dreams are being a fire fighter, to save people’s lives. This kind of bounce house may delight them very much.

There are two fire engines on the each side of the bounce house, and two fire fighters with the water gun in their hands on the back wall. It real likes an emergent fire scene. The road is the bouncer. Kids can bounce as the fire fighters, show their fast and strong here.

The bounce house is made of 0.55mm PVC. PLATO PVC tarpaulin is the best PVC Tarpaulin material in China. It is a virtually unbreakable material. It is of high durability and tear strength. So you don’t worry the bounce house will deflate due to the tearing. Besides for choosing the best material, we also do well on the structure to make sure the quality and the safety. Between the walls and the base, we do cushions to release the pressures from the bouncing kids.

It can make it much stronger and safer. What’s more, we sew the edges with 4 lines inside. This kind of sewing can make the edges much firmly and elegant.

Apart from the quality, we also consider the safety problems. For some simple tarpaulins, the static power may create and hurt the skins. But our product won’t let it happen. It is of anti-static. What’s more, our products are of no offensive odor, they meet the requirement of the healthy standard. Our product is certificated by the CE. It is security.
The size of the bounce house is 4 meters length, 4 meters wide and 2.4 meters height. You can settle it indoor or outdoor. If you feel that it is would be more fun to bounce outdoor, it is no problem. Because the tarpaulin is of excellent UV-resistance, cold weather resistance and waterproof, so you can place it outdoor during the period your kids are bouncing it. What’s more the tarpaulins are of fade proof, because we use the best lacquer and technique to print the tarpaulins.

If you want to bounce and fond of the fire fighters, come and have a look at this fire fighter bounce house.

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