A Bouncing Journey

Would you like to have an amazing bouncing journey in the train? Let’s have a look on this train inflatable bounce slide combination. It is of many kind of recreation facility in it.

Dong-dong-dong, the train is coming. Look, doesn’t it come from the Disney? There is a familiar smiling face in front of the head of the train. It seems that he is saying:”Welcome to the amazing bouncing journey.” Let’s start our journey!
Let’s climb the on the ladder stand first. The ladder stand is tilted instead of upright. And it is also has firm footholds to make players easy to climb on it. The ladder stand will lead you to the slide. You can slide to the bottom, and there is an inflatable board. It can prevent you from dropping into the ground.

Don’t leave right now. The journey has not finished yet. After the exciting slither, there is a bouncing house waiting for you. When you come into the bouncing house, you can see there are several inflatable posts and a basket in it. You can bounce, shoot balls avoiding the post. There are two reticulation walls on the each side. The one who is outside can look inside and watch how fun the players are. The players, especial the kids will have a wantonly play in it.

This train inflatable bounce slide combination is made of 0.55mm PLATO PVC tarpaulin. It can bear the tearing strength or the heavy pressure in the common situation, which does not include the situation of using sharp things to hurt the tarpaulins on purpose. If it is used properly, the tarpaulins are of high durability which shows by the features of fade proof, water proof, high tear strength and so on.

The size of the train inflatable bounce slide combination is 5 meters length, 4 meters wide and 4 meters height. It is suggested to be place outdoor. Placing outdoor may be worried for the weather. Weathers are changeable sometimes. It will be sunny today and rainy tomorrow. Packing the train inflatable bounce slide combination repeat may upset you. However, the tarpaulins of the train inflatable bounce slide combination are of excellent UV-resistance, cold weather resistance and waterproof. If you are going to use it for a period, you can just leave it alone outside. Weather won’t destroy the train inflatable bounce slide combination.

What’s more, we do reinforce on the cushion between the wall and the base. It can suffer the pressure from the exciting people. The design of the cushion is to make sure the structure of the train inflatable bounce slide combination is firm and safe.

We maintain the quality of the product not only by choosing the good materials, but also design the best structure. Doing good products and providing good service are the aims of our company. If you are interested in the train inflatable bounce slide combination, please contact our company, Pangao Company. We will meet your demands.

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