Pay a Visit to the Doraemon's Belly

Many people know Doraemon. No mater adults or kids. He accompany with us during the childhood, and so the kids right now? The belly of the Doraemon is some kind of mysterious place. It can provide the magical things for kids to solve problem. Every kid like to have a Doraemon, but it doesn’t not exist in the real world, unless it hasn’t been created yet. Now, the designers have designed the bounce house as the Doraemon, and kids would bounce in its belly. Doesn’t it sound interesting?
There is an arch printed with the words of Doraemon in the front of the inflatable bounce house. The big doraemon are sitting. And if you want to bounce in its belly, get to the back of it.

The inflatable bounce house is 7 meters long, 4 meters wild and 4 meters high. It is quite a large bouncer for kids. You can just set it in the playground, the park or somewhere open. It is easy to carry and store, because its packed size is 140×80×80cm. It occupies quit a little space.

The tarpaulins of the inflatable bounce house are PVC. This kind of tarpaulins is of great feature. Water proof, cold weather resistant and UV-resistant.  All of these are suitable for outdoor event.

It is common to see the “black” footprint or handprint on the tarpaulin. We can clean it by the wet towel or tissues. The PVC tarpaulins are easy to be cleaned up. Kids sometimes will bring some bacteria or mildew into the bouncer. But don’t worry. The tarpaulins are of great anti-mildew treatment. The unseen bacteria or mildew won’t reproduce on the tarpaulins. So it is no need to worry the disease will be spread.

In order to make the inflatable bounce house much stronger, we do cushions between the base and the wall. Cushions can release the pressures from the kids. Kids can jump wantonly.

  What’s more, we design the netting walls, which can have a good view outside or inside. The mesh of the netting wall is small. We consider it kids may penetrate his/her finger into the net. It may cause hurt. In case it will happen, we make the mesh small and even a baby’s fingers can’t penetrate the net.

So the inflatable bounce house is safe, high quality, and convenient. And the important thing is that it can delight the kids at the same time.

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