About the Inflatable Bounce House

When we go outside, we may see the kids’ paradise on the square or the in the mall. Some of these kids’ paradise is made up by a few stake and some tarpaulins. Although it is cover with some soft material in every place of the kids’ paradise, it is still hard for kids, especially they are jumping. However, the inflatable bounce house is filled with air, kids would feel comfortable when they are bouncing and colliding into the bounce house. It is much safer than the stakes-and-tarpaulins one.

There are many types of inflatable bounce house. Some are attached with slide, rock wall, basket, or obstacles. Kids can have a great fun in these inflatable bounce houses.

The inflatable bounce house can be use in the resident or commercials. If you want to have a resident one, you can choose a small one. Or for the commercials, you can choose the large one. In short, the dimension is decided by you. When choosing the dimension, we should consider the space you want to place the inflatable bounce house is. Besides for placing the bounce house, we should also make room for the blower systems.

The materials of the inflatable bounce house used to be PVC or woven oxford cloth. PVC is a virtually unbreakable material. It is suitable for the inflatable bounce houses used for commercial. It can resist tearing and is durable. Kids have great power when he/she is jumping wantonly. The PVC is a strong material, so it is not easy to be destroyed. The woven oxford cloth is less durable but less inexpensive. It is suitable for resident.

Bounce house is safe, because the manufacture, for example, Pangao Company always do cushions between the wall and the base. Cushions can have a good effect on releasing the pressures make by the kids. So it is security for kids to play in it.
Inflatable bounce house is removable and easy to install. The bounce house can be inflated by the blower systems through the inflation tubes. It would be finished within a few minutes. Some inflatable bounce house attached with other facilities need to be install. Like the slides, sometimes we need to cover the surface to the slide. It is also convenient. Since it is also easy to dismantle, the cleaning is easy to do, too.

Compared with the tradition kids’ paradise, you may find the inflatable bounce houses are more convenient, safer and more useful.

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