How to Repair the Inflatable Products

Even though the inflatable products are made of PVC, a virtually unbreakable material, they have their natural enemy: sharp things. If the inflatable products are punctured, you may feel what a pity the inflatable products are. However, as long as the tear is less than an inch long, there is a way to repair the inflatable products, you can use or play games with the inflatable products again.

Some people may think, repairing may be not as safe as before, and it is not elegant. However, we should choose the right material as the patch to stick on the hole.

Firstly, choose the patch which is the same color of the tearing inflatable products. The same color can make the patch and the inflatable tarpaulins indistinctively. The patch you should buy the PVC one in the shops or from other ways. Cut right shape of the patch, which is enough to cover the hole or tear. It is better to cut the embowed corner, so the sticking is not easy to separate. Besides preparing the patch, the glue is also important. It can fix the patch over the hole.

Secondly, clean off the dust or something else which are easy to impact the fix of the patch. Then we should deflate the air of the inflatable products. After that, the glue should be taken out and apply it evenly surround the hole. What we should concern about on this step is to avoid the collection of the glue. If the glue is collect together, it will impact the sticking of the patch and the inflatable products.

Thirdly, put the patch which has been prepared over the hole or tear. The hole is supposed in the middle of the patch. Press the patch for a few minutes. Check out if the patch is sticking to the glue. If there is some parts do not have glue, we should add some glue on it. If there is some glue out of the patch, we should clean it by the tissues.

Finally, we should check if the inflatable products are repaired well. Re-inflate the inflatable product, and check the condition of the patch. If the inflatable products are repaired well, the patch will hold the air inside and with no deflation. If the patch does not stick well, the patch will deflate.

Only if you do the right steps above, can you stick the patch well, and you can make full use of the inflatable products.

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