How to Clean the Inflatable Swimming Pools

The inflatable swimming pool is easy to carry and you can set up in every place you want, for example, the parks, backyard or square. It is much convenient than the build-in one. However, people, leaves, branches, dust and rain will make the pool dirty. For your health, to clean the pool once a week is important.

How to clean the inflatable swimming pool? You have to spend 2 hours to clean the swimming pool.

Firstly, we should get the sundries out of the pool. Place the swimming toys or buoy on the other side to clean them later. Use a net to put the leaves, branches, or other little things out. Cleaning the sundries is in case the sundries will choke the vacuum or filter.

Secondly, we can do the brushing now. Let’s use the soft brush which is used for brushing the vinyl pools. Brush the pool and let the dirt and the alga away. After brush, you can use the pool vacuums to remove the sundries away. The pool vacuums you should choose the one which is fit for your inflatable swimming pool’s size. Sometimes, when you buy an inflatable swimming pool, there is a poll vacuum in the package.
Thirdly, besides cleaning the inflatable swimming pool, you should pay attention on the water balance. Basically, testing the water balance is to test the acidity and alkalinity. The pH test paper is needed in this part. It the water do not reach the standard of the pH, and then replenish chemicals is needed. But remember, the residual chlorine should not higher more than 1.0 mg/L, because people will feel sick for the residual chlorine. If you also want to remove the algae, you should put the algicide drugs 12 hours before or after the chlorination tablets. Putting together may be useless.

Finally, clean the swimming toys. We should prepare a soft cloth on the ground, and put the swimming toys on the cloth. Most of the swimming toys are also inflatable, so they are not supposed to be place on the ground directly, or the swimming toys will be damaged. If you find there is alga or dirt on the swimming toys, you should clean it by the soft brush before putting it into the inflatable swimming pool.

In order to make the inflatable swimming pool and the water clean, you need to pay 2 hours a week to clean the inflatable swimming pool. For the health of the swimmers, the 2 hours are worth to spend.

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