Maintenance Methods of inflatable castle

Maintenance Methods of inflatable castle

1, in order to ensure that your equipment up to the normal service life, can not participate in the power play when kids play too much. Usually die on the capacity of 3 square meters of gas a child.

2, the facilities from small decorative shapes, can not let the children dead lift, hard to tear so as to avoid damage.

3, the children play, hard objects can not let your child doodle on the device to avoid damage.

4 in case of equipment damage, breakage and stand in the PVC materials is coated with special glue, wait 5 minutes after the sticky glue, to glue the appropriate extrusion, a few minutes you can use.

5, the pressure is too soft on the device, check there is no excessive leakage, tearing holes, or power failure; pressure is too hard, we should block the fan air inlet point.

6, such as damage to a large area of non-normal use, the factory can provide professional maintenance services, or simply return the factory for repair.

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