Maintenance and repair of inflatable castle

Inflatable castle is based on the open nature of children's play like the features and design, includes slides, all kinds, shapes of animals, is rich in entertainment, popular among children like it a safe and comprehensive Sex, observability, novelty, vibrant and durable. Materials imported by the United States engage in environmentally friendly new strength PVC tarpaulin fabric, and the introduction of high-density heavy motorcycles in Japan, double needle stitching, strong and beautiful, sewing uniform, precision production, cold-resistant. Under normal circumstances life of 10-30 years, to keep the product clean, wipe with water regularly.

Children less than a stitch foot, if a long time, too much eye of a needle hardness of cushion to bond. Glue method: A, the bar and be sticky sticky clean cloth, B, and to be sticky sticky cloth article to be uniform and thin coating, C, to be cool cloth to the white plastic surface again when the adhesive , And squeezed hard. Blower use and maintenance, please refer to with the blower belt use and maintenance methods. To keep the product dry. Waterproof, moisture, mainly to protect the sutures. After rain or wet weather should always blowing cool, so dry. Children often rub wear the thread, stitch seam to be the new cement to protect the stitching. If the straps fall off to make up time. Life: You can use 8-100000 people around. If the toy longer useful life, part of the fabric pull-off wire, cement a timely manner, if necessary, after the first joint stick. Glue conditions: A. Air drying, B, the temperature at 20 degrees. Note: The product can be designed and manufactured in different venues, with the color can also choose to design with, cold resistance: up to minus 40 degrees Celsius.

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