Water bouncing bed inflatable toys make for illustration 

1: Inflatable device flat on the ground. Land surface or smooth surface of the ground, directly stand sits; with rubble and other sharp objects on the ground, need bedding in the ground layer of protection (such as the color of the cloth, tarps, canvas, etc.).

2: certified by the technical professional electrician according to the provisions of the safe use of electricity, wiring, installation and maintenance.

3: Check the fan power and the use of the total, sub-cable match.Fan manual fan. Check the fan is loose, turn the blades to check whether there is odor, to determine the normal after the power test machine; when using the three-phase fans, the best-phase protection, burn out the fan to avoid the broken phase.

4: Start the Typhoon aircraft in order to start, pending before a wind turbine to run for 20-30 seconds and then start the next.

5: new equipment leak less, initially for a period, only tie the mouth of the fan, later depending on the equipment hardware and software, and gradually the fan mouth all Zhazhu.

6: until the end when the first turn off the power, then untied the mouth of the fan, remove the fan, until the blades stall 10 minutes before folding equipment.

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