Different types of inflatable balloons

Inflatable balloons came into advertisements just as soon as the first air balloon big enough to be noticed was. People tend to look up as soon as something as bulky and contrasting as an air balloon passes by, that is why inflatable balloons have throughout history proved their worth as an exceptional form of advertisement.

Essentially speaking, inflatable balloons come in three different types; the hot air balloons, the cold air balloons and helium balloons. Let’s take a brief look at these three different balloons capabilities and uses.

Cold air inflatable balloons

The cheapest and therefore the most restricting of air balloons, the cold air balloons, need a pedestal to be mounted upon and a blower that constantly keeps pumping air in it so that it doesn’t lose its shape. These balloons also offer the cheapest form of advertisement because of the low cost in electricity that is required to keep these balloons afloat.

Hot air inflatable balloons

Using the simple law of physics that hot air is lighter than cold air, this air balloon stays afloat because of a blower that constantly keeps pumping hot air in it. It is rather expensive than cold air balloon but also doesn’t need to be limited to a pedestal. You can simply connect it with a wire that can bring electricity to it, and let it float as high in the sky as you want.

Helium inflatable balloons

These balloons are filled with helium, a gas lighter than air, which keeps it afloat. This balloon doesn’t need any blower and thus saves on electricity, but in case of a leakage, the helium gas surely doesn’t come cheap.

Advertisements are the lifeblood of any upcoming enterprise. Not only that, no matter how much a company becomes famous, it constantly needs some sort of advertisement to keep from its loyal crowds forgetting their product and inflatable balloons, in any of their forms, are the most logical way to advertise anywhere.

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