About Inflatable model

In our daily life , group activities is almost a life demand that we can't without .As we know, friends party,family gathering.Through these activities, the pressure of the people can get a good way to release,and facilities or entertainment devices to increase the party fun and to promote communication with kids.Nowadays,more and more people will choose some newer entertainment facilities, that is, Inflatable model ,like inflatable bouncer,inflatable slide,inflatable pool.

What is Inflatable model, inflatable model product is  based on the new encryption Oxford material and PVC material, molding by air blower.Inflatable PVC material products are made by high machine or hot fan heat together,PVC tarpaulin materials and Oxford fabric inflatable products is made through  sewing equipment ,the former is disposable inflated with air pump and other equipment,the latter sustained inflated with electric air blower installed an internal or external inflatable equipment.

Compared to traditional PVC coated fabric,PE fabric with hard to tear, not degumming layer, good sealing, etc. Light weight, easy to carry, easy to cast.For this reason, its products are widely used in different fields.Including arches, pillars, wedding, cartoons, product model, recreational facilities, Children's Water Park.In addition to common advertising industry,recreational,athletic,TV entertainment, wedding, show promotions even involved in the military field.

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