Water walking ball

Water walking ball can also be called water jogging ball, water stroll ball, water fitness ball, water zorb, water sports balls, water balloons, water floating, etc.. The water walking always rent in the entertainment likes park or water place. Its simple operation, environment protection, fashion let it popular. Rent a water venue, inflated with air pump after people go in, and to play on the water when it filled with air. It no any pollution and is a beautiful landscape to the park. It’s a very stimulate to the curiosity of young people and children. The stimulation and fun of the people inside the walking ball, it can not feel in the other water sports entertainment.

The water walking ball is made by PVC tarpaulin, a safety material. Its high durability and high tear strength makes it a virtually unbreakable. Its high pressure waterproof, leak-proof gas and good sealing makes it more safe when the people inside and on the water. The properties of the materials greatly protect the safety factor of the product, so that the visitors the boldly and confidently enjoy the endless charm of the water walking ball.

The water walking ball diameter of 2m, the total volume of 3 cubic meters, and safe load-bearing over 150kg. Therefore, the people have adequate security for amusement close to the water in such conditions, enjoy sports at the same time and fell a different experience fun.

But the visitors may not bring the sharp or hard items such as knives, scissors, keys, etc. to play this product, should be avoided in the process of using sharp or hard objects to pierce this product. And high blood pressure, heart disease, alcoholism is not appropriate to play this product. All these acts will make the people become dangerous.

Remember that each water walking ball not more than 2 people each play time, and each time in the ball should be controlled within 10 minutes. Each ball are required to leave the safety rope, the operator should pay close attention to site conditions, when abnormal situations, using the safety rope or other means to pulled the sphere and visitors to the shore quickly, to ensure the safety of personnel.

People will love the water walking ball in the safe use of case.

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