Characteristics of Inflatable Kayak

We often see rafting or climbing boat competition program on TV or Internet videos which use lightweight kayak,most of them is inflatable kayak.Because of its wide range of features, many businesses or organizers use it.Let's know some of them.1.Can be disassembled, easy to save, flexible transfers, and quickly in much-needed investment; 2.Hull Inflatable buoyancy tires can greatly avoid the storm capsized in danger; 3.Good resistance to impact buffering effect; 4.Easy to repair and maintenance low.Due to the inflatable boat is very light, both in terms of speed but in terms of fuel economy better than wooden boats. General consumer misunderstanding about boats is also a factor that cannot be ignored. Inflatable boat dinghy cannot reflect the advantage of poor quality, it will lead to consumer misunderstanding.

All aspects of high quality inflatable boat has the following features to show the advantages compared with other materials boats. The so-called "quality" refers to compliance with EU CE international certification. Its main features are as follows: material better, inflatable buoyancy tires under the pressure of 0.3 bar still maintain good air-tightness, the buoyancy tires with rigid keel of the boat (or inflatable keel) work closely and back plane combinations to make inflatable boats have sufficient rigidity to guarantee solid and fast. End of boat (except the end of rigid material) selection of reef-proof performance of adhesive plaster, make the possibility of breakage in the bottom was reduced to a small degree. Inflatable buoyancy of the whole boat tires are separated into independent air Chamber, separated sets have a very high air-tightness, individual room air when damaged, other parts still retain sufficient buoyancy, the entire boat has very good resistance of sinking. Because of inflatable boats on both sides of each buoyancy, stability tests have specialized in the design and manufacture of the product guarantee, so even in the maximum load capacity (even if there are large waves), it does not transverse overturning. Usually use, all fixed crew set to sit on the side of each buoyancy, boat would not capsize, but is still available to normal speed of rotation. Whole boats can be dismantled for easy transfer and custody of. Annex to the main, such as towing with steel buckles, life saving, hold the rope Assembly, handlebar, seat pitch fork, and boat-tail placement of outboard components, has strength assurance.

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