Maintenance and storage of the decontamination inflatable tent

1: decontamination inflatable tent maintenance and storage use in strict accordance with the instructions of the manual operation, and decontamination inflatable tent use of the precautions you should first follow the instructions.
2: decontamination inflatable tent maintenance and storage use shall not be in contact with sharp objects, so as not to scratch the airbag;
(Product 3: Do not close objects with temperatures above 70 ℃ and fire to avoid prolonged contact with the objects above 50 ℃);
4: The summer temperature is high at any time check the gas pressure is too high should be appropriately deflated; winter and morning temperatures slightly lower to the atinflatable tention of the appropriate fill pressure,
So as not to affect the normal use.
Such as decontamination inflatable tents for long periods of time should be properly stored, storage, application of water cleaned the product may not use gasoline, volatile wash
Detergents, scrub if necessary, soapy water and washing liquid. Dry, put a cool ventilated place, note the following:
(1) placed ventilation cool dry place away from direct sunlight.
(2) to avoid to avoid the heavy compression to allow the airbag products, such as the condition can filled with a small amount of gas stored better.
(3) Inflatable products after use, first to clean up, to avoid reinflatable tention of volatile gasoline;
(4) in accordance with the instructions packaged, stored dry and cool place, avoid heavy objects for a long time squeeze. Packaging should pay at inflatable tent to the location of the valve port, to be correct, the two valve port packaging to stay a certain distance, to avoid chromium injury fabric.

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