Inflatable movie screen design

The Inflatable movie screen is made from PVC coated fabric layers joined by high frequency welding or mechanical sewing. The frame is inflated with a high pressure blower. Larger frames may require a three phase blower. The blower typically continues to operate, ensuring the screen remains fully inflated.

In comparison to traditional and heavy steel constructions, inflatable screens can be set up only a few hours before a movie. This can be useful for environments where wind or other dangerous weather may be a factor.Inflatable screens can be deflated quickly in the case of high winds, adding significantly to their safety. Inflatable screens can be highly portable compared to other structures used to support screens like truss and scaffold. A 52'/16m wide screen usually fits on a single pallet. A truss or steel system takes up an entire truck. Inflatable screens reach sizes up to 6,000 square feet (560 m2).The projection surface stays flat regardless of environment due to recent improvements.

Inflatable movie screen,Inflatable  screen

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