Bouncy castle maintenance way

1:in order to ensure that your equipment to normal service life, can not participate in power-play too many children play. Generally in the gas mode to accommodate a child of three square meters.

2:The small shape in the two facilities play a decorative role, can not let the children dead lift, hard to tear to avoid damage.

3:children to play, you can not let children scribble on the device with hard objects to avoid damage.

4:in case of equipment damage, and can be damaged and alternate PVC material coated with a special glue, sticky hands after five minutes until glue bonding to properly squeeze a few minutes you can use.
Pressure device is too soft, check excessive leak, tear holes, or power failure; the pressure is too hard, the air inlet of the fan should block a little.

5:If a large area of ​​non-normal use is damaged, the manufacturer can provide professional maintenance services, or sent directly to the factory for repair.

Large inflatable large inflatable toys, a warning:

1:A prohibited young children (3-6) play thrilling Project.

2:To avoid young children and older children at the same time a play, in order to avoid a collision.

3:Management to arrange to play the children all in accordance with the rules of the game play, in order to avoid any eventuality.

4:In case of strong winds (more than four) rain, snow, fog, hail and other weather equipment is prohibited in the use of outdoor open-air, in order to avoid an accident.

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