Funny Obstacle Course Inflatable

If you are looking for a more challenging interactive inflatable unit then look no further. The funny obstacle course has everything that you need to challenge the more active child and adult! Two participants can race each other side by side on this 12 foot wide inflatable obstacle course. The compact size of this obstacle is perfect for backyard events, school gyms, church halls and special events where minimum footprint is necessary. But don’t let the convenience of its compact size deceive you, it has all the challenges that you want from an obstacle course.

This latest design in high quality obstacle courses provides six different challenges. Participants will start off jumping through the two round entrances at the front of the inflatable unit. Then they will have to manoeuvre their way through the vertical pop-ups to get to the climbing feature. Once they have scaled up the wall it is then a steep fast slide down the other side to their next challenge, the log obstacles. Participants can choose to tummy crawl under the logs or squeeze through them. Once past the logs the participants will be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. After they crawl through the exit tunnels they will be racing around the obstacle course to start all over again!

The bright wonderful colours of this inflatable obstacle course will catch the eye of any challenger young at heart. The unit’s mesh screens along the sides allow everyone to see the many challenges the unit offers, all the action that happens with the challenges and keeps the participants safely on the obstacle course. It is made by the same reputable manufacturer as our bouncy castles so you can be assured that it is the highest standard of quality in the inflatable industry. Participants on this obstacle course must be at least 40 inches in height (102cm). Jump Up Inflatables’ 34 foot obstacle course will keep participants of any event, large or small, constantly active and having fun.

The minimum area required for this inflatable unit is 46 feet in length, 20 feet in width and 13 feet in height. These measurements take into consideration the entrance and exit landing areas as well as room for the blower(s). The unit must be set up on a flat level ground with no hazards under, above or around it.

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