Challenging yourself on the tropical rainforest inflatable obstacles

Because of some geographical factors, rainforests are rarely appeared in our sight. It is a pity that most of us have never seen it the whole of our life. In order to make up this pity, inflatable obstacles are produced in our factory. That is said that your kids can experience a happiness life similar with they live in the rainforest in their childhood.

With rich experience, we have produced a lot of extraordinary productions including this kind of inflatable obstacles. When look down on it, you can easily find that there are several part on it. A double tracks inflatable slide on its front. Then an inflatable arch and an inflatable hut are adjacent to each other on the back part. More particularly, the stairs to climb up to de top of the slide is not the kind we have ever seen. It is made by many inflatable rectangular parallelepipeds, placed obliquely. That means that kids should climb on it with arms and legs, which can effectively practice you kids and have a grate benefit for their brain to development. On another hand, there are several inflatable trees standing around the inflatable obstacle which can potentially affect your kids’ sense of protecting our environment.

Because it made by PVC, nowadays the best material in our country, our productions, for example, the inflatable obstacles have some extraordinary functions: high tear strength, fade proof, flame retardant M2/B1, anti-mildew treatment, excellent UV-Resistance, cold weather resistance, waterproof, anti-Static and so on. It is because of those advantages, our inflatable obstacles are very durable the same as our other productions.

So you needn’t worry about its working life, and if you use it base on our manual, the inflatable obstacles can be used more than 5 years.
If you want to have one, just contact us by phone or visit our website to order it.

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