Keep a good usage for your inflatable games

Keep a good usage for your inflatable games An overuse and violent use of your games will reduce the time of their life. You must blow up the inflatable games in good weather and environment situation. Don't inflate them in rainy , windy or snowy days. And clear the stones or sharp items on the ground and above the game. Control the number of participants to play at a time within the maximum number.

Necessary maintenance approaches: The first requirement for a good maintenance is cleaning. Water slides or other inflatable water games can be washed by water in pools again and again. Is it cleaner? Of course not. You must wipe it with disinfectant fluid at least once a time and renew water in pools according to the strict standard requirement.

The next important element for a good maintenance is regular check . Regular check will help you spot out the existing rips or holes. And you can repair it with the repair kits sent by the inflatable manufacturer.

The last but important factor in a good maintenance is storage. Storage when cold season comes can keep your water games in good condition for the next year use. A good storage will include cleaning ,pre-check, reparation, and put it into the storage bad in a dry and cool room. A good maintenance can make it available for use of years.

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