China Inflatable Slides

Inflatable slides divide into inflatable water slide and dry slide, both of them are for home use and commercial use. They are widely used in kindergarten, amusement park and even at home. Size, color, logos and pattern can be customized, people are safe when playing on slides with ground rings anchoring. Also it is easy to repair by yourself with glue and material.

The inflatable slide is a life-size toy filled up with air.It is especially enjoyable because kids can jump, bounce,ru,and slide over the toy to their heart's desire. It is the
perfect playground to give your kids because the won't bump or harm themselves inside it. It is perfectly safe and fun.

Summer or no summer and inflatable side is something that would make your kids love playing in the backyard.with a slide outside your premises,you are in a win-win situation.You don't to attend to your kids for hours because the are busy playing outside in the slide.And the slide would definitely give them the physical challenge as required by their active learming years.Inflatable slides are widely available from specialty shops and online stores today. A package of and slide includes the bouncer itself , a repair kit , and the blower. It is quite easy to install the slide as well. You just have to leave the air blower on for a few hours and the slide would come to life right before your eyes.

Our colorful inflatable slide will support kids in making the climbing and falling an absolute fun. We can make our slide in any color and them you wish the will be more attractive to little angels.The exciting and durable slide will last you fro years to come.

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