How to Clean a Dirty Inflatable slides

Typically used during children's parties, inflatable slides are available at most party rental supply stores. Whether you are returning the unit back to the store, or if you rented the unit for several days or even purchased your own slide, you need to keep the bouncer clean. Use items that pull up any debris and stuck-on residue without damaging the slide. Does this Spark an idea?


1: Rinse the slide with your garden hose to wash off loose and stuck-on residue. Do this on a bright, sunny day when possible so the slide dries quickly.

2: Mix 1 gallon water with the recommended amount of disinfectant cleaner as labeled on the bottle; 2 tbsp. cleaner per gallon of water should suffice in most cases.

3: Dip a cleaning rag into the bucket, wring the rag out and wipe down the inflatable slide. Continue across the slide until the entire unit is cleaned.

4: Rinse the slide with your garden hose to wash off any leftover residue and let air dry.

5: Towel dry the slide to collect any excess liquid if you are not able to clean the slide on a warm, sunny day as this will speed up the drying time and prevent excess liquid from standing on the slide.

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