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Inflatable paddle boards

About inflatable sups (inflatable standing paddles)
Inflatable sup are a perfect match for those who like to travel light. Why? Because inflatable sups quickly drop to the size of a rolled-up sleeping bag, stowing your paddle board is child's play. Just throw it in the back of your car! It's so tiny that you have plenty of room for other important things: back-up paddles, life jackets or another buddy. The more the better.
Inflatable Paddle Boards
At PanGo Inflatable sup we have a long tradition of offering quality Stand Up Paddle Boards for every rider, regardless of size or level of difficulty. Everyone has the right to walk on the water, paddle in their hands and explore nature. Whether you come for fun little shore excursions or the pristine shallow waters of your favorite restaurant or river, an inflatable paddle board will help you get there much faster.
PanGo offer different types of ISUPS for each driver
Inflatable SUPs allow you to explore the physical challenge of the traditional paddle board and the opportunity to spend more time on the water. Do you want to easily cross between small waves and shallow water? You'll love our best-selling, all-around inflatable paddle board. For the high-performance outdoor heroes we have the top inflatable paddle board.
 PanGo big size SUPs
Experience the fun of paddling with your crew in a way you never thought possible. With enough space and volume, the AKD ISUP 'easily supports 6-8 drivers at the same time.
PanGo SUP Yoga
Our Yoga Paddle Board is designed for those who want to practice their yoga on land. The expansive deck pad of the boards offers plenty of room for yoga, pilates and other fitness activities.
No doubt, now there are millions of choice of paddle boards . But, we would not be here if we did not believe that PanGo Inflatable Sup will provide you the absolute best choice for your inflatable paddle board needs. We can vouch for our dinghies because we are out on the water too. It's hard to beat our proven combination of high quality inflatable paddle boards for a price that does not exceed your expectations.
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