Bounce houses are very funny for youger boy.

Bounce houses are in essence air filled structures that youngsters can have fun on. They are an opportunity for kids to burn up all that never-ending energy they seem to have. They seem to have great enjoyment and their parents enjoy watching them have fun too.

The traditional bounce house is just for jumping. These types often look like a castle therefore the name jumping castle or bouncy castle. They've got a big central jumping area that is supported by 4 inflated columns that may have mock-up crenellations, spires or pointy roofs. These columns give the inflatable the look of a castle. Additional additions might include an entry that appears like a castle door or portcullis. Several also have a splash or paddle pool on the front of the bouncer that is supposed to be a moat.

I'm unsure why the idea of a castle is so fashionable in inflatable bouncers but I guess the idea is to spark the imagination of the kids that see it. Kids seem to be as fascinated by knights, princesses, suits of armor, swords and castles as they are about dinosaurs so I suppose this is the idea behind it.

With this said, the manufacturers of bounce houses have branched out to include plenty of other designs in bouncers and things to do on them.

These are often referred to as inflatable activity centers or adventure parks. They don't look like castles and their design is usually governed by the type of things that come with them. For instance, some bouncers have slides and climbing walls on them. Others will have tunnels to crawl through. And others might be a mix of paddle pool and jumping area.

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