Tips for playing inflatable bouncers

Inflatable bouncers , also known as moonwalks, inflatable jumpers or inflatable trampolines, are those life-size toys filled with air that kids can jump, slide, and play in.

Inflatable bouncers are one of the best-love of the children. Being fit and active, they will spend hours on the Inflatable bouncers. They will play to their heart's desire too. They would not stop jumping and playing around it, if they are allowed.
As obesity being a serious health problem, playing inflatable bouncers is a fantastic way for children’s exercise to control their weight while having fun, but not being tired as the traditional sports. With these life-size toys, you can mask exercise with playtime, which is a very neat way of asking your kids to burn some baby fats.

More importantly, as an adult, you can join in the fun too. There are many inflatable bouncers available today that can accommodate four or more kids and adults at the same time. Playing inflatable bouncers could be the best way for you to spend time with your kids, while burning some calories yourself.

Inflatable bouncers are by nature safe. However, there also may be some accident happening due to some improper usage and carelessness. To ensure your safety, the following points should be kept in your mind.

1: The ground must be flat. Your inflatable bouncers cannot be set on a slope.
2: There should be at least 5 feet of space on each side of the inflatable bouncers.
3: Make sure there are no overhanging branches or power lines which are too close to the inflatable bouncers
4: Clear the entire event area of debris, including sticks, rocks, toys, and animal waste
5: Accessible power. Make out how many blowers your inflatable bouncers needs. You should have a separate 20-amp circuit available for each blower. 
6: Inflatable bouncers cannot be used in inclement weather. In addition to rain, inflatable bouncers are not safe for using in the case that the winds exceed 25 miles per hour.  
7: Follow the rules: your inflatable bouncers should have a specification. Read and follow the rules on it.
8: No shoes, jewelry, food or drink: anyone entering the inflatable bouncers must remove their shoes, jewelry, watches, including sharp objects. Likewise, food drinks, and gum should be kept out. In addition, no silly string can be used in inflatable bouncers- the chemicals will damage the vinyl.
9: Take care to the steps: the steps leading out of a bouncer are inflatable and bouncy too, and getting out is awkward. 
10: Supervise: A responsible adult should observe each of your inflatable bouncers all the time to make sure things stay under control.

With this information in mind you would be well prepared to host a smooth and problem-free party or event. We hope you enjoy your interactive inflatable bouncers.

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