How to use inflatable bouncer

1. The inflatable device flat on the ground. Smooth surface of the land surface or ground, can be directly stalls; with rubble and other sharp objects on the ground, need to pave the protective layer on the ground (such as the color of the cloth, tarpaulin, canvas, etc..)

 2. Certified by a professional electrician technology according to the relevant provisions of safe use of electricity wiring, installation and maintenance.

 3. Check the fan power and the use of the total, sub-cable match.

 4. Instructions by using the blower fan. Check the fan is loose, turn the fan to check for smell, to determine the normal after the power test machine; use of three-phase fans, it is best to use off of protection, so as to avoid burn-off phase fan.

5. Start multi-turn turbines can be started, pending before a wind machine running 20-30 seconds and then start the next station.

 6. Less leakage of new equipment, the initial period, only part of the mouth bar fans, soft and hard since, as the equipment level, and gradually all of the fan population Zhazhu.

 7. The close of business should first turn off the power, then unlock the device fan port, to be stopped after the removal of fan blades, and 10 minutes before folding equipment.

and maintenance methods.
Solve the real culprit rub means breaking inflatable bouncer
1. Take off your shoes to enter;
2. Check whether the child's clothes and pants zipper or keys, and so many, the proposed off pants with a zipper;

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